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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28816 January 18 2024 Solutions

Clues Answers
Barbirolli’s lead is helpful for musicians BASSISTS
Beauty queen hasn’t succeeded, cutting line in phrase badly misword
Brand using digital tech is to prove a winner make it
Cuts of meat? Approve of what’s put in chow mein, maybe CHOPSTICK
Downsizing personnel occupies founder over long period SHRINKAGE
Eccentric apprised of Cold War’s cause apple of discord
English setters one’s perhaps seen on a farm EWE
Failing to drink round by bar that’s silent VOICELESS
Flipping pasta sauces: dear! SUGAR
Holiday for jazz fans, hosting broadcasting mogul BILLIONAIRE
Horse and zebras periodically escaping pounds SMACKERS
Like a tie that’s uncool with a couple of lines on it all square
Maybe dreaded figure, one of the White Russians from the east RASTA
Models of Apple’s business transactions? IDEALS
Old Testament figure penning account for another JACOB

Clues Answers
One may have a reservation in diner, out to lunch with a maniac american indian
Peer has no clothing, as coming from Rome QUA
Poem about area east of Himalayas? It’s effervescent stuff ORANGEADE
Priest holding firm is a cause of complaints e coli
Primitive man brooking no delay URGENT
Royal imprisoning current extremists in powerful rule PRINCIPLE
Select players in wigs inspiring joyousness regularly choose sides
Sober people hosting party — mum’s in a state ALABAMA
Specialist with logs put up a new platform NAPIER
Store diamonds bagged by gutless accomplice for fence STOCKADE
Three rings interwoven with very large moulding OVOLO
Way to separate characters in small pub ingesting speed space bar
What could fasten loose cover back on stool VELCRO
Written from right to left, old Indonesian language NAVAJO
Yankee boards transport that’s cut fare from Asia SUSHI


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