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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 2575 January 18 2024 Solutions

Clues Answers
A small number study a school of Buddhism DOZEN
Better east coast US state or European island CAPRI
Boredom? Rotten nuisance? Not entirely ENNUI
Change before race, taking turn by turn ALTERNATION
Church woman embracing unknown artist CEZANNE
Colour of new nametag MAGENTA
Compelling type in French army, perhaps? Right ENFORCER
Crazy type, one gathering fruit from trees? NUTTER
Feathery seeds, primarily tiny, scattered in the Wolds THISTLEDOWN
Fussy one-time desire to tour Arab country old-womanish
Gloomy Aussie soldier, one working in the churchyard GRAVEDIGGER
Going up in plane, see giant web-footed birds GEESE

Clues Answers
Gymnast, say, permitted to appear in articles ATHLETE
Invitation to compete with setter, finding part of plant? RACEME
Keep control, engaging volunteers once RETAIN
Laterally swing big stone ROCK
Liberal making money studying LEARNING
Lost footing in upland moor FELL
Observation about evangelist REMARK
Pole on board involving prime minister in salutation TOPMAST
Republican leader with South African money RAND
River meals referred to in speech TEES
Rubbish a politician presents going the rounds ROTATORY
Unrivalled noblewoman, about fifty PEERLESS


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