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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 2485 September 18 2023 Crossword Solutions

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 2485
Clues Answers
A little gale blowing around some pasta TAGLIATELLE
Animal seen regularly in Aztec burial ZEBRA
Beat up cop in lift for Tarantino film Pulp Fiction
Cry from a sled — space for fungus? MUSHROOM
Expel leaders of our university skiing team OUST
Fashion designer skirting northern body of water CHANNEL
Final piece of plastic LAST
Finally invent rationale for betrayal TREASON
Intimidate blokes with club, perhaps? MENACE
Look intently around river and eat grass GRAZE
Low-risk snack for burglar? safe-cracker
Mark almost excessively drunk BLOTTO
Once omit weird digital symbol EMOTICON
Period charm SPELL
Pinched scarf close to town STOLEN
Pioneer with time to complain furiously over jacket TRAILBLAZER
Places to land black items of clothing JETTIES
Prison beginning to concern couple CLINK
Protest’s purpose OBJECT
Recall computers making racket SCAM
Require some gene editing NEED
Shudder when head of museum breaks three cups? TREMBLE
Strangely, inert gas is fuming the most? ANGRIEST
Too inept to move stealthily on tiptoe


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