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Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 01, 2022

Author: Thomas Joseph


Not napping AWAKE
Sells for COSTS
1992 U.S. Open champ SELES
Dominant ALPHA
Patron of Scotland SAINTANDREW
Genesis woman EVE
Bullring cry OLE
Band blaster AMP
Lease signers TENANTS
Backer’s vote YEA
“Spy Game” org. CIA
“Why don’t we!” LETS
Capital of Ghana ACCRA
Detective’s find CLUE
Junior, to senior SON
102, in old Rome CII
Tennis category SINGLES
Good times UPS
Pen fill INK
Ripen AGE
Patron of England SAINTGEORGE
Bert’s buddy ERNIE
Was a nomad ROVED
Dance makeup STEPS
Disreputable SHADY


Useful skill ASSET
Make baskets WEAVE
Space visitor ALIEN
Boxer Norton KEN
Latvia neighbor ESTONIA
Walking aids CANES
Unoriginal OLD
Cleanser bottle SPRAYER
1986 World Series champs THEMETS
Overlooked, as faults SAWPAST
Utah ski resort ALTA
Land unit ACRE
Breathing organ LUNG
Points a finger at ACCUSES
Graphics for layouts CLIPART
Chef’s specialty CUISINE
Join the chorus SING
Places SITES
Tadpole, e.g. LARVA
Spurred (on) EGGED
Run-down SEEDY
Tiny taste NIP
Sound of delight OOH


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