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Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 03, 2022

Author: Thomas Joseph


Goddess of the hunt DIANA
Spanish snacks TAPAS
Figure of speech IDIOM
VCR button EJECT
Green sauce PESTO
Stylish NATTY
Bank, at times LENDER
Expected DUE
“Skedaddle!” GIT
Pampering place SPA
Evaluate ASSESS
Pollux, for one TWIN
Experience trouble FEELTHEHEAT
Test type ORAL
Uses a mirror PREENS
Superlative suffix EST
Eastern “way” TAO
Stocking stuffer TOY
Diminutive BANTAM
Take it easy RELAX
“If — a Rich Man” IWERE
Summon up EVOKE
Director René CLAIR
Mythical trio FATES
Famed fur tycoon ASTOR


Brief drop DIP
Chemical suffix IDE
Flying choice AISLESEAT
Jot down NOTE
In the middle of AMONGST
Basic belief TENET
Cracked AJAR
Fido or Fluffy PET
Be decisive ACT
Pig’s place STY
Sink vessel DISHPAN
Willem of “Spider-Man” DAFOE
Manual readers USERS
Grand, for one PIANO
Nervous ANTSY
Wing ELL
Common article THE
Racy reading EROTICA
Government funders TAXES
Make cookies BAKE
Saddler’s tools AWLS
Game caller REF
Mendes of movies EVA
Fortune LOT
Southern resort RIO
Mess up ERR


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