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Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 05, 2022

Author: Thomas Joseph


Luzon city MANILA
Thick mists FOGS
Mystique AURA
Wish undone REGRET
Zwei follower DREI
Furtive one SNEAK
Tin or tungsten METAL
Noted race loser HARE
Comfy home LAIR
Tie the knot WED
It may give you a sinking feeling QUICKSAND
Nearest star SUN
Woodwind part REED
Maze walls, at times HEDGES
Unruly groups MOBS
Milky stones OPALS
Lama’s land TIBET
“See ya!” TATA
Bullfight star TORERO
Calls on USES
Pencil end ERASER
Stationery buys PADS
Take out DELETE


Wetland MARSH
Sports venue ARENA
Chad neighbor NIGER
Tel Aviv native ISRAELI
Onion’s kin LEEK
Lowly worker ANT
Sound mixer’s control FADER
Wilder play OURTOWN
Like some cookie sheets GREASED
Went to sea SAILED
Code name MORSE
Karaoke needs MIKES
Land units ACRES
Mexican greeting QUEPASA
Chronologically ambiguous UNDATED
Navy bigwig ADMIRAL
Grew rapidly SHOTUP
Pane material GLASS
Past plump OBESE
Floppy cap BERET
Put away STORE
Went fast TORE
Slugger Williams TED


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