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The Independent Crossword Answers November 01, 2022


Sailor prodded by Rear Admiral waving flag in battle TRAFALGAR
The sound of humming bird’s call in verse form HAIKU
The writer joins Jessica in 7 for a medley MELANGE
Long-distance travellers, parsecs away SPACERS
One can’t fly through the multiverse EMU
African state without capital goes into negative profit sometimes NOWANDAGAIN
Finally upgraded craft association GUILD
Ready for trip to Transylvania and even parts of Algeria LEI
Add excitement to long films having switched endings SPICE
Garden fly is flying around plant LADYSFINGER
Desert area, say, without river ERG
Former PM caught knocking prince out CANNING
What measures I encountered when diving into a foreign sea AMMETER
A husband breaks vow in church state IDAHO
Byzantine church feature with two heads ONIONDOME


Face complaint about major road block STYMIE
One religious teacher keeled over after eating egg and cheese HALLOUMI
Batteries available with promotion in Riviera resort CANNONADES
Stare at search engine when out of work OGLE
Mutant regent’s nip is showing PRESENTING
Aged hero oddly doing headstand to see the moon RHEA
Naughty Mexican casts adults-only flicks CINEMA
Subtlety is introduced? That’s a pest NUISANCE
Anglo-Irish Duke or Welsh Duke? WELLINGTON
Training of son matters for 11 ASSORTMENT
Girl at function in charge of lots of stars GALACTIC
Formation of concepts in countryside at Iona IDEATION
Dancer strangled debt collector with abandon DUNCAN
See 26 IVOR
It’s said the composer has a hospital trolley – this composer IVOR
A journey almost entirely without water ARID


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