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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 1 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
“Picnic” playwright INGE
“WandaVision” star Elizabeth OLSEN
“Water Music” composer HANDEL
Apply with force, as brakes SLAMON
Barcelona buddy AMIGO
Brink RIM
Buddy MAC
Church services MASSES
Classic Ford MODELT
Comfy spots NESTS
Corpulent OBESE
Cub’s cave DEN
Exile isle ELBA
Extreme diets FASTS
Genetic copies CLONES
Georgia airport code ATL
Get rigid TENSEUP
Gizmo protector PATENT
Homer’s neighbor NED
Honeydew, for one MELON
Hot crime ARSON
Infallible FOOLPROOF
Informal talk SLANG
Jessica of “Tootsie” LANGE
Leek’s cousin ONION
Letter stroke SERIF
Light metal TIN
Magic word PRESTO
Mail, as payment SENDIN
Mine matter ORE
Moody music EMO
Nabokov novel ADA
Perfect IDEAL
Procured GOT
Sea ray MANTA
Some files RASPS
Sprinkle with oil ANOINT
Stole from RAIDED
Testing the weight of HEFTING
Treeless plain LLANO
USN rank ENS
Venus’s love ADONIS
What’s more AND
Writer Leonard ELMORE


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