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USA Today – Apr 1 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
‘And they’re ___!’ OFF
‘Been there, my friend’ IKNOWHOWYOUFEEL
‘Free as a bird,’ for example SIMILE
‘Hard pass’ IWILLNOT
‘Hey! No fighting!’ BENICE
‘The Big Brunch’ host ___ Levy DAN
‘Uh-huh’ YUP
‘We Both Laughed in Pleasure’ author Sullivan LOU
‘Why does ___ keep happening?!’ THIS
Above OVER
Achieve victory WIN
Alone SOLO
Anatomical pouches SACS
Animals that roam around Nara, Japan DEER
Appears SEEMS
Attractive quality APPEAL
Authoritarian government REGIME
Award for athletes ESPY
Bartender’s field of study MIXOLOGY
Big ___ to fill SHOES
Bowling scores marked as X STRIKES
Caricatured PARODIED
Center of activity HUB
Cheese puff that turns fingers orange CHEETO
Circus equipment that makes people taller STILTS
Country where toad in the hole is eaten ENGLAND
Destiny FATE
Feeling happy INAGOODMOOD
Finished DONE
Greek letter between upsilon and chi PHI
Hi-___ image RES
Intense and urgent situation CRISIS
Item that gets picked up on garbage day TRASHBAG
Kidney-related RENAL
Like an unnatural smile FORCED
Like cutting in line RUDE
Like some salsa MILD
Make possible ENABLE
Massive in scale EPIC
Math function that’s the ‘C’ in SOHCAHTOA COSINE
Montreal Canadiens’ org NHL
Moves like a crab SIDLES
NBA sharpshooter Curry SETH
Non-online, for short IRL
Note between fa and la SOL
Output of solar farms or wind turbines RENEWABLEENERGY
Pale brown color TAN
Possesses OWNS
Pub selections ALES
Recorded on video TAPED
Risk-___ (prone to playing it safe) AVERSE
Savory South Asian rice cake IDLI
Sheep’s cry BAA
Short version of ‘however’ THO
Sierra ___ (African country) LEONE
Sis, for example SIB
Small WEE
Small mischievous devil IMP
So far YET
Structure for storing tools SHED
Succulents with spiny leaves ALOES
The get-go DAYONE
The ones over there THOSE
Thwack like a fly SWAT
Tightly fitting SNUG
Top-left keyboard key ESC
WNBA great Beard ALANA
Work hard LABOR
___ buddies (close friends) BOSOM
___ Five (‘Queer Eye’ squad) FAB
___ Gatos, California LOS
___ in (kept aware) LOOPED
___ Lauder ESTEE
___ Light beer NATTY
___ positivity SEX


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