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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 3 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
Action star Jackie CHAN
Bar mixer TONIC
Beanie or beret CAP
Brother’s daughter NIECE
Corridor HALL
Culture setting PETRIDISH
Diamond feature HOMEPLATE
Distress signal FLARE
Dorothy’s dog TOTO
Feudal toilers VASSALS
Finish END
Forces in the water FLEETS
Gallery fill ART
Hawaiian greeting ALOHA
Historic periods ERAS
Hitter’s turn ATBAT
Jessica of “Sin City” ALBA
Main role LEAD
Matador’s need CAPE
Moreno of movies RITA
Mosque faith ISLAM
Need to pay OWE
Neither follower NOR
Noggin BEAN
Not busy IDLE
Not dozing AWAKE
Old photo tint SEPIA
Perfect IDEAL
Places of worship TEMPLES
Play division ACT
Poker stacks CHIPS
Pound sound ARF
Print units EMS
Quarterback Manning ELI
Razor sharpener STROP
Reach across SPAN
Related AKIN
Rocker Clapton ERIC
Schism RIFT
School paper THEME
Scout shelters TENTS
Seasonal song CAROL
Smelter supply ORE
Spur on PROD
Tardy LATE
Tidy up NEATEN
Typographical face EMOTICON
Uttered VOCAL
Vault part RIB
Watchful ALERT
— -di-dah LAH


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