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Universal Answers March 16, 2024

Author: by Jess Rucks

Ostentatious SPLASHY
Grumpy expression SCOWL
Dismiss as silly POOHPOOH
Swahili for “freedom” UHURU
Urdu for “God willing” INSHALLAH
F, A, C and E, e.g. NOTES
Russian refusal NYET
Toys that start up? YOYOS
“___ la vie” CEST
Sing with your mouth closed HUM
Witty comebacks RETORTS
Pump numbers OCTANES
Hammer targets NAILS
Drinks you might want “dirty” MARTINIS
Kind of syrup poured on waffles MAPLE
“Halt, matey!” AVAST
Dog whose face looks smushed PUG
Cyber Monday business ETAIL
Lead-in to “cop” or “car” RENTA
Big bird’s broadcaster EAGLECAM
Animated green ogre SHREK
Flat-bottomed glasses BEAKERS
Energized HYPEDUP
___ Friday’s TGI
Rowing implements OARS
Twins manager Baldelli ROCCO
Put away, as a carry-on STOW
Take potshots SNIPE
Grand performance? PIANOSOLO
Genre for Faith No More and Jane’s Addiction ALTMETAL
Tres + cuatro SIETE
Signs out LOGSOFF
___ the bottle SPIN
Small horse PONY
Come in second, per a competitive person LOSE
Reaction to a perfect back scratch AHHTHATSTHESPOT
Pet ___ (place to pamper a pooch) SPA
Lamas, popes and such HOLYMEN
#seizetheday YOLO
It rises and sets SUN
Candies on peanut butter blossom cookies CHOCOLATEKISSES
Home of Mars and Aries OUTERSPACE
Take away forcefully WREST
Thirsts (for) LUSTS
Bale contents HAY
“Beep beep” source HORN
___ salt SEA
One-piece garment UNITARD
Feature of a video chat with a weak connection, perhaps TIMELAG
Representative Ilhan OMAR
“Do you live in a ___?” CAVE
Sentiment celebrated with a light blue, light pink and white flag TRANSPRIDE
Taste of tea SIP
Mystery writer Grafton SUE
Person whose pants are on fire! LIAR
Some shade trees ELMS
Talk and talk GAB
Mount, as a horse GETONTO
Scandinavia’s continent: Abbr. EUR
Genre from Seoul’s country KPOP
Garden coils HOSES
New Age keyboardist YANNI
Spy org. CIA
Ring up CALL
Dorothy’s pooch TOTO
St. ___ (Minnesota college named for a Norwegian king, not a snowman) OLAF
“Big bad” beast WOLF
Lamb’s mom EWE
“Holy cow,” in a text OMG


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