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Universal Puzzle Answers March 15, 2024

Author: by Freddie Cheng

Disaster aid org. FEMA
Antacid tablet brand TUMS
“Pity” ALAS
Engrave ETCH
Lift with a grunt, say HEAVE
Gamers’ spelling of “wrecked” REKT
Garment that sounds like an apology SARI
Office program EXCEL
Roll for one who wants it all? EVERYTHINGO
Put a stop to END
Former Swedish carmaker SAAB
Tailgaters’ drinks BEERS
What’s inside an @ symbol SMALLA
Discuss again REHASH
Hee-___ (donkey’s sound) HAW
Taken token? ENGAGEMENTO
“The Sopranos” star Falco EDIE
India pale ___ ALE
Entitled men? SIRS
Slam dunk target that aptly rhymes with “alley-oop” BASKETBALLO
Iconic actress West MAE
Motherless offspring of Zeus ATHENA
Apt words from a frustrated exterminator? AHRATS
Shoulder motion SHRUG
“The thing over there” THAT
Falcons’ and Eagles’ grp. NFL
Fall treat at a bakery APPLECIDERO
Synchronize ALIGN
(This is wearing me out) SIGH
Possible answer to “Who let the dogs out?” IDID
Elementary BASIC
Sharp part of a blade EDGE
Supermarket hidden in “annual dinner” ALDI
Put on, as a production STAGE
“___ of the D’Urbervilles” TESS
NASDAQ alternative NYSE
Cab charge FARE
Peak fig. on a map ELEV
What one does before blowing out birthday candles MAKESAWISH
Of the stars ASTRAL
Nuclear treaty subject TESTBAN
Snowbird ski resort’s state UTAH
Sporadic offering from the Golden Arches MCRIB
Math proposition THEOREM
Bad spell HEX
Speed contest RACE
Like 12, 14 and 16 EVEN
Fuse with heat WELD
Connecticut college YALE
“Pretty Woman” star Richard GERE
“I’ll have what ___ having” SHES
Handel’s “The Arrival of the Queen of ___” SHEBA
Angry with MADAT
In a lively way ANIMATEDLY
Fender guitar, for short STRAT
Long water tubes HOSES
Chatter GAB
In the manner of, on a menu ALA
Hair goo GEL
___ out (just manages) EKES
Rain-resistant cover TARP
Door fasteners LATCHES
“Well, fancy seeing you here!” OHHI
Angle measure equal to ~57 degrees RADIAN
Victory over the top seed, say UPSET
Fly without power GLIDE
Takes into custody NABS
Level and smooth FLAT
A Simpson sister LISA
___ Benedict EGGS
Frees (of) RIDS
Garfield’s canine sidekick ODIE
Job for a band GIG


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