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Universal Crossword Answers November 02, 2022

Author: by Dylan Schiff


Ambulance pro EMT
Easter ___ (hidden feature in a video game) EGG
Trinidad’s island neighbor TOBAGO
“I’m such a klutz!” DOH
Make, like coffee BREW
Wiped away ERASED
Lager alternative ALE
Money spent on a fruit? BANANABREAD
Like a play about a play META
Affirmative votes YESES
Paddy’s Pub and Cheers, e.g. BARS
Approximately, timewise CIRCA
“___ all very proud of you” WERE
Money spent on a spread? BUTTERLETTUCE
In the style of ALA
Shakespearean king with three daughters LEAR
Artistic head? BUST
Pedi partner MANI
Place to live ABODE
“Totally wicked!” EPIC
Salty spots on margarita glasses RIMS
Word before “golf” or “jockey” DISC
Electric cello hookup AMP
Money spent on a piece of poultry? CHICKENTENDER
Where most of “Lost” was filmed OAHU
Imitates a lion ROARS
Muppet who is perpetually 3.5 years old ELMO
Muse of erotic poetry ERATO
___! Cherry-O (board game) HIHO
Money spent on a dessert? COOKIEDOUGH
Broadway’s Salonga LEA
Hangs in the air HOVERS
Proposal prop? KNEE
Allow LET
“Eventually …” ONEDAY
“___ takers?” ANY
Aliens: Abbr. ETS


What’s made backward? EDAM
Kind of biology MOLECULAR
Doomed luxury steamship of 1912 THETITANIC
Recede, like the tide EBB
It’s not black or white GRAYAREA
DNA sequence GENE
Matching cups, saucers, pot, etc. TEASET
Globe ORB
Pitmaster’s cooking style BARBECUE
Not docked ASEA
It has teeth but doesn’t bite GEAR
Chances ODDS
Is in the past? WAS
“Eye of ___ and toe of frog” (witches’ ingredients in “Macbeth”) NEWT
Contents of the Louvre ART
Animation frame CEL
Pitmaster’s coating RUB
Sound effect in a comic book fight BAM
Frankenstein’s monster was built in one LAB
Eat away at ERODE
Shoe with rope soles ESPADRILLE
Payroll document TIMESHEET
“Can’t stop watching!” IMHOOKED
That’s loud! DIN
Hormone that’s part of some transitions ESTROGEN
Procedure with chest compressions: Abbr. CPR
“Cheap Thrills” singer SIA
Linda Rendle, for Clorox CEO
Certain Northern Iraqi KURD
“Pass!” NAH
Effect when shouting into a canyon-anyon-anyon ECHO
Bird on a Canadian coin LOON
Relocate MOVE
Just swell AOK
___ melt TUNA
Muesli ingredients OATS
Lyricist Gershwin IRA
“Psst!” HEY


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