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Universal Crossword Answers November 03, 2022

Author: by Wendy L. Brandes and Hoang-Kim Vu


Dividing line? SLASH
’90s music holders CDS
Currency in Cape Town RAND
Florida city near St. Petersburg TAMPA
Apply WD-40 to OIL
“Same with me” SODOI
*Meal prep task that makes you teary? ONIONDUTY
Cockatoo’s claw TALON
Toenail service, familiarly PEDI
“___ is a line around your thoughts” (Klimt) ART
I, in chemistry IODINE
Black ___ (secret missions) OPS
Suggestion, for short REC
Clued in about ONTO
Color gradation SHADE
Bonobo, e.g. APE
Discover alternative VISA
*Drills for ancient Roman army units? LEGIONEXERCISES
Was in arrears OWED
Grand ___ Opry OLE
String instrument for Jacqueline du Pre CELLO
Wine region hidden in “Castile” ASTI
Charade ACT
Keebler mascot ELF
*Doubt your partner’s feelings, say? QUESTIONLOVE
Prepare to repot UPROOT
What you breathe AIR
Hairstyle for Angela Davis AFRO
Even a little ATALL
What’s indicated by a caret, or a two-word theme hint INSERTION
Riveter of note ROSIE
Path in Chinese philosophy TAO
Like flexible straws BENDY
Pranked with Cottonelle, maybe TPED
Sensitive ID SSN
___ finger (digit for pointing) INDEX


___-and-go traffic STOP
Pool path LANE
Surrounded by AMID
Turn bad SPOIL
Solo who loved Leia HAN
Newsperson Katie COURIC
“Same here!” DITTO
Like a trickster SLY
Film such as “Thelma & Louise” ROADMOVIE
Improvised line ADLIB
Cheeky response to “Who’s there?” NOONE
Casual restaurant DINER
Dark beer STOUT
See romantically DATE
Word before “tube” or “child” INNER
Cookie used in mud pie crusts OREO
“Uh-uh” NOPE
Home of Norway’s Viking Ship Museum OSLO
“What a nail-biter!” PHEW
Herb in a cleansing ritual SAGE
Performed a big favor DIDASOLID
Body spray brand AXE
The Valley ___ (nickname for Maui) ISLE
Successfully persuade SELL
Beginning on ASOF
Untagged, in a game NOTIT
Role for Timothee in “Call Me by Your Name” ELIO
Video surveillance, for short CCTV
Fancy wrap STOLE
Plank’s target, at the gym CORE
Four cups QUART
“High five!” UPTOP
Clear, as a chalkboard ERASE
Multiple grams? NANAS
Consumed EATEN
Took a taxi, e.g. RODE
Black gem ONYX
“___ complicated” ITS
Stat for a Nat RBI


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