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Universal Crossword Answers November 04, 2022

Author: by David Litman


Chilled COOLED
Many a one-pot meal STEW
Be behind on payment OWE
Stick (to) ADHERE
Farmland unit ACRE
Name hidden in “Thanks a lot” SAL
Sleep poorly TOSSANDTURN
Film FX used in Marvel movies CGI
Love god with a bow EROS
“Two silkworms were in a race. It ended in a ___” (punny joke) TIE
Cafeteria platters TRAYS
Proven to work TRIEDANDTRUE
Appalled AGHAST
They might put you to sleep BORES
Had big hopes DREAMT
“Call of ___” (video game) DUTY
The Red Cross, e.g., briefly NGO
Type of diagram with overlapping circles VENN
Demolition letters … and a hint to 17-, 24-, 47- and 57-Across TNT
The “F” on a gas gauge FULL
“Call Me Maybe” singer Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
Cartoon explorer DORA
Inserted music accessory EARBUD
Headwear for a white tie event TIARA
Not moving ATREST
Every possible obstacle THICKANDTHIN
Text usually answered with a time ETA
“A Sunday Kind of Love” singer James ETTA
“Race” actor Goree ELI
Various things THISANDTHAT
Camper vans, for short RVS
Frantic way to run AMOK
“Certainly, madame!” OUIOUI
Teacher’s favorite PET
Phoenix ballers SUNS
Plague insect LOCUST


“Tar” actress Blanchett CATE
Axe target? ODOR
Very, very OHSO
Segment of history ERA
Canine specialist? DENTIST
Having no room for dessert SATED
Fort Worth sch. TCU
Make an oopsie ERR
Ran out of water WENTDRY
Some award season slights OSCARSNUBS
Pricey Japanese beef WAGYU
Beethoven’s “Fur ___” ELISE
Eating plan DIET
GPS course: Abbr. RTE
Linda and Paul McCartney album with a sheep on the cover RAM
Border on ABUT
“This is ___ a drill!” NOT
What “pi times the radius squared” measures AREA
Scientist studying 32-Down GENETICIST
Device for taping shows DVR
Double-helix molecule DNA
Overabundance GLUT
Outdated OLD
Actress Kelly Marie ___ TRAN
Wildly uncontrolled FRENETIC
Pair of states named after an Indigenous people DAKOTAS
“Want to grab dinner ___ drink?” ORA
Renewable fuel option ETHANOL
Melber of MSNBC ARI
“Gross!” ICK
Roti flour ATTA
Pesky type TWERP
Split evenly HALVE
Classroom surfaces DESKS
What you used to be? THOU
Greek Ts TAUS
Working hard ATIT
“My DMs are open” HMU
Charged particle ION
Couple DUO


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