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Universal Crossword Answers November 05, 2022

Author: by Zhouqin Burnikel


Indicators of buns in the oven BABYBUMPS
Amorphous lump BLOB
Without haste ATLEISURE
Amazon Echo voice ALEXA
Gets started with clean energy, say GOESSOLAR
Purebred dogs’ opposites MUTTS
Rudely overlook SNUB
Circus enclosure TENT
Flat-topped hills MESAS
Spacecraft seen in some grainy pics UFO
Most populous city in Pakistan KARACHI
Was leaked GOTOUT
Sign up ENROLL
Money left on the table TIP
Building blocks BRICKS
Lhasa ___ APSO
Civil rights activist Medgar EVERS
Delivery vehicle VAN
Provides a false alibi for, say ABETS
“Thor” actress Russo RENE
Like some oaths SOLEMN
“Catch my drift?” SEE
Unlucky accident MISHAP
You can see through it WINDOW
Storage structure for Earl Grey TEARACK
Mum’s mum NAN
So last year PASSE
Place for a light above a stove HOOD
Per person APOP
Beehive State resident UTAHN
Beats decisively EATSALIVE
Mascot on Citi Field MRMET
Turned away, as supporters ALIENATED
Votes in favor AYES
They may display bow ties PASTABARS


Works at checkout BAGS
Bazillions ATON
Veal cordon ___ BLEU
“Sure, however …” YESBUT
Muscles opposite tris BIS
Private entertainment? USOTOUR
Stubborn beast MULE
Bit of April 1 mischief PRANK
Sealy rival SERTA
Chesapeake Bay catch BLUECRAB
“Knock on wood!” LETSHOPESO
Slow-cooked Jamaican beef dish OXTAILSTEW
Deep voice BASS
World capital spelled from the same letters as Bahrain’s capital, Manama AMMAN
Keyless car starters FOBS
Low-___ images RES
“C’mon, take a bite!” GIVEITATRY
Ali Baba’s magic words OPENSESAME
Save on a certain DVR TIVO
Come in last LOSE
Stretch in office TERM
Berkeley school, for short CAL
Was aware of KNEW
Discusses again REHASHES
___ May Wong (first Chinese-American movie star) ANNA
Place you might be kneaded SPA
“Fixed” or “growth” attitude MINDSET
“___ you sweet!” ARENT
Paternity test facility DNALAB
Tightfisted CHEAP
“Bear” that eats eucalyptus leaves KOALA
Deer-hunting feline PUMA
Singer Rush or Redding OTIS
Pocket bread PITA
Walkie-talkie message ending OVER
People on foot, briefly PEDS
Santa ___ winds ANA


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