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Universal Crossword Answers November 06, 2022

Author: by Scott Earl


Many a Daytime Emmy nominee SOAPACTOR
Just sits there IDLES
“Too bad, really” ITSASHAME
Garlicky dip AIOLI
Annual celebration for a pet parent GOTCHADAY
Emotionally affected MOVED
Sometimes-wireless PC device MOUSE
Cilantro, e.g. HERB
Titular spy show role for Sandra Oh EVE
PC’s space bar neighbor ALT
Belittle ABASE
Part of an at-home COVID test SWAB
(Check out these supporting materials) SEEALSO
“Us” star Nyong’o LUPITA
Follower of exhibition games SEASONOPENER
19th-century Democrat’s opponent WHIG
Tai ___ CHI
Cheekiness SASS
Phrase of mock surprise WHATASHOCKER
Strongly criticize REVILE
Means of Wi-Fi access HOTSPOT
Greek god of war ARES
Eco-friendly grocery bags TOTES
Number in this crossword’s northwesternmost square ONE
Oscar-winning “Nomadland” director ZHAO
Leaves out OMITS
“Common Sense” author PAINE
Umbrella term for Indigenous nonbinary gender identities TWOSPIRIT
Integrate, as a video on a web page EMBED
Seeking affirmation? HEREICOME
Gets up RISES
Person who really savors flavors SLOWEATER


Summation symbols SIGMAS
Peter with eight Best Actor nominations OTOOLE
Sharp-witted ASTUTE
Grps. that sway campaigns PACS
Tennis great Arthur ASHE
“___-ching!” CHA
Smidge TAD
Nebraska’s largest city OMAHA
Surname that means “kings” in Spanish REYES
Poetic foot IAMB
God, in Italian DIO
Pride parade sentiment LOVEWINS
Takes to the next level ELEVATES
“Lemme digress real quick …” SIDEBAR
Settle elsewhere, in brief RELO
“Sex Education” star Butterfield ASA
“The Garden of Earthly Delights” painter BOSCH
Dill pickle slices SPEARS
In the current state ASITIS
Word before “guardian” or “tender” LEGAL
Perturbed UPSET
“And what do we have here?!” OHO
For a very specific audience NICHE
“What is this place?” WHEREAMI
Are able to get first choice HAVEDIBS
Candy coat? WRAPPER
Comedian Meyers SETH
Boxing stats KOS
“Murder on the Orient Express” detective Hercule POIROT
In before the bell ONTIME
Perfume sampler TESTER
Solemn declarations OATHS
Sauna cover TOWEL
Last letters, in London ZEDS
Classic Ron Howard role OPIE
Flaky mineral MICA
Indicator of a name change NEE
Spanish gold ORO
Fix a seam SEW


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