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Universal Crossword March 31, 2023

Author: by Sam Buchbinder


Goatee, for example BEARD
Where to find toe beans PAWS
Do a terrible stand-up set BOMB
“We want to be included!” USTOO
“Now!” ASAP
Adidas competitor AVIA
Men’s Health alternative GQMAGAZINE
Blend together MELD
Blog feed format letters RSS
Goulash or birria STEW
Food label stat. RDA
Online place to obsess about your favorite band FANSITE
Device that uses a three-pronged approach? ADAPTER
Brewpub order ALE
Piece of a formal ensemble TUXEDOSHIRT
Dairy animal COW
One of six on Australia’s flag STAR
That guy HIM
Carve into a plaque, say ETCH
Middle Eastern rulers EMIRS
Private info dished to a journalist LEAK
Some Energizers AAS
Mimic COPY
Grp. that might host a bake sale PTA
Housing for a filly or colt HORSESTABLE
ISP since 1993 AOL
“Ha! What was I thinking?!” SILLYME
Edge of a skirt HEM
Palindromic address MAAM
Seasonal ailment FLU
Away from the shore ASEA
Carpenter’s tool … or what might beep when near 17-, 31- and 49-Across? STUDFINDER
Cash register part TILL
RPG spell caster MAGE
Too trusting NAIVE
Put on the market SELL
Annual Austin fest SXSW
Selfish desire GREED


Coding flaw BUG
Abbr. on a lawyer’s door ESQ
Cash dispenser ATM
Lion’s outbursts ROARS
Watches someone’s pointer, say DOGSITS
La ___ (Bolivian capital) PAZ
Words on a sale rack label ASIS
Classified document? WANTAD
Racer’s swimwear brand SPEEDO
“Kapow!” BAM
Benefit of working an extra shift, maybe OVERTIMEPAY
Less spicy MILDER
Kitsch, basically BADART
Sharp-witted ASTUTE
___ and fold (laundromat service) WASH
Confront head-on FACE
Scent picked up on a test drive NEWCARSMELL
Final, for one EXAM
“SNL” legend Hartman PHIL
“Sappho’s Leap” author Jong ERICA
Corned beef dish HASH
Pilfers from ROBS
Joint with tobacco and marijuana SPLIFF
Particle smashed at CERN ATOM
Smoothie green KALE
Baseball stitching SEAM
Hollering YELLING
Drum kit cymbals HIHATS
Baby garment with snaps ONESIE
They’re jerks! SPASMS
It provoked a famous “party” in Boston TEATAX
Like the Islamic calendar LUNAR
Coffee shop cups MUGS
Every bit ALL
Mountain ___ Baja Blast DEW
Craps cube DIE
The night before EVE
Like the “C” on a Cubs hat RED


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