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Universal Crossword November 10 2022 Answers

Universal Crossword November 10 2022 Answers:

Throw out forcefully 5 letters EJECT
Hookup for electric instruments 3 letters AMP
Surgery marks 5 letters SCARS
Word before chip or cheese 5 letters NACHO
Auto 3 letters CAR
Number of people in a trio 5 letters THREE
Humanlike robot 5 letters DROID
French for friend 3 letters AMI
Rarin’ to go 5 letters EAGER
*Award-winning writer and director of Lost in Translation 12 letters SOFIACOPPOLA
Lansbury who will appear posthumously in Glass Onion 6 letters ANGELA
Anna’s sister in Frozen 4 letters ELSA
*Game-winning scorer in the Olympic Women’s Soccer finals in 2008 10 letters CARLILLOYD
Mediator’s asset 4 letters TACT
Here’s when I’ll show up letters 3 letters ETA
Phishing e.g. 4 letters SCAM
Tiniest U.S. coins 5 letters DIMES
___ for tat 3 letters TIT
As desired in recipes 7 letters TOTASTE
Difference between 9 and 10 3 letters ONE
2 4 6 8 etc. 5 letters EVENS
Basil or cilantro 4 letters HERB
Maine winter hrs. 3 letters EST
Claudius’ successor 4 letters NERO
*Tattooed Man at a Carnival photographer 10 letters DIANEARBUS
Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse 4 letters TOON
Relax soldier 6 letters ATEASE
Meteor that might be wished upon … and a literal hint to the asterisked clues’ answers 12 letters SHOOTINGSTAR
I wish I ___ done that 5 letters HADNT
Bitter beer 3 letters ALE
Jazz style 5 letters BEBOP
Curiouser and curiouser! speaker 5 letters ALICE
Driving accessory? 3 letters TEE
Author Lalami 5 letters LAILA
Hopeless case 5 letters GONER
OMG a bug! 3 letters EEK
Landscaping tool 5 letters EDGER
Finale 3 letters END
Pickle container 3 letters JAR
Green prefix 3 letters ECO
Sculpt a body? 6 letters CHISEL
Task organizers with checkboxes 9 letters TODOLISTS
Trendy berry 4 letters ACAI
Baby’s first word sometimes 4 letters MAMA
Steep in a way 6 letters PRICEY
Choreography units 5 letters STEPS
Flatbread cooked on a tava 7 letters CHAPATI
Jason’s ship 4 letters ARGO
Fishing rod attachment 4 letters REEL
Medicinal fluids 4 letters SERA
Actress Edie whose surname anagrams to focal 5 letters FALCO
Not new 3 letters OLD
Ideal blackjack combo 6 letters ACETEN
Indigenous 6 letters NATIVE
Parmesan shredder 6 letters GRATER
Back muscle informally 3 letters LAT
Nebraska’s most populous city 5 letters OMAHA
Single-celled creature 6 letters AMOEBA
Population-counting survey 6 letters CENSUS
Biting African fly 6 letters TSETSE
Up for discussion 9 letters DEBATABLE
D.C. legislator 3 letters SEN
Pick up the tab 5 letters TREAT
Never 7 letters NOTONCE
___ even stand a chance? 3 letters DOI
Like traits you’re born with 6 letters INNATE
Look over again 6 letters REREAD
Furry aquatic mammal 5 letters OTTER
Hair or carpet style 4 letters SHAG
Overhead light? 4 letters HALO
Loki’s adoptive father 4 letters ODIN
Sheer joy 4 letters GLEE
Hide and ___ 4 letters SEEK
Huge 3 letters BIG
Futbol cheer 3 letters OLE
Golf course goal 3 letters PAR


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