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USA Today Crossword November 10 2022 Answers

USA Today Crossword November 10 2022 Answers:

Government-run mail agcy. 4 letters USPS
Bread purchase 4 letters LOAF
Curved structure 4 letters ARCH
Person place or thing 4 letters NOUN
___!!! on Ice (anime series) 4 letters YURI
Road race units 5 letters MILES
Ana de Armas’ country of birth 4 letters CUBA
Number one . . . 10 letters FIRSTOFALL
Walk like a model 5 letters STRUT
It all adds up now! 3 letters AHA
Nail shaper 4 letters FILE
Farmland units 5 letters ACRES
Many gospel songs 5 letters HYMNS
Cut the lawn 3 letters MOW
Life force 3 letters CHI
Feathery wrap 3 letters BOA
Like manchego but not paneer 4 letters AGED
___ Strauss Denim Co. 4 letters LEVI
[I’m a happy cat] 4 letters PURR
Dreidel for one 3 letters TOP
Battle with all one’s power 13 letters FIGHTLIKEHELL
Boxer Laila 3 letters ALI
Drama class assignment 5 letters SCENE
Ooh and ___ 3 letters AAH
Photo ___ (events with pics) 3 letters OPS
Airport takeoff stat (Abbr.) 3 letters ETD
To All the Boys actress Cathcart 4 letters ANNA
Part of a traditional Japanese breakfast made with dashi stock 8 letters MISOSOUP
Inconsistent 6 letters SPOTTY
Words exchanged between brides 3 letters IDO
Small dish in Spain 4 letters TAPA
More outdated 5 letters OLDER
Share your name in ASL for example 11 letters FINGERSPELL
The Diamondbacks on scoreboards 3 letters ARI
Entrance area 5 letters FOYER
Unsettling 5 letters EERIE
RPG with 20-sided dice for short 3 letters DND
Prayer surfaces 4 letters MATS
Part of LGBTQ for short 5 letters TRANS
Direction opposite NNW 3 letters SSE
Chapel Hill school (Abbr.) 3 letters UNC
No. 2 person in a kitchen 8 letters SOUSCHEF
Event where Know It Ales is an apt team name 9 letters PUBTRIVIA
Drum sometimes played with brushes 5 letters SNARE
Uber competitor 4 letters LYFT
Yes in French 3 letters OUI
Assortment 5 letters ARRAY
Place to buy local seafood 10 letters FISHMARKET
Te ___ (I love you) 3 letters AMO
Stand-up comedian’s bit of improv 4 letters RIFF
Call dibs on 5 letters CLAIM
Is this thing on? 5 letters HELLO
Whole bunch 4 letters SLEW
Sour quality 4 letters TANG
Laptop port letters 3 letters USB
Knee stabilizer for short 3 letters ACL
Schleps 5 letters HAULS
Beloved protagonist 5 letters SETHE
Make a choice 3 letters OPT
Female deer 3 letters DOE
Shelter made of snow 5 letters IGLOO
Summer roll wrapper 9 letters RICEPAPER
Dudes who nurture succulents 9 letters PLANTDADS
People with nonmainstream tastes 8 letters HIPSTERS
Finales 4 letters ENDS
Light sources that might be made of paper 8 letters LANTERNS
Pumpkin patch activity 7 letters HAYRIDE
Fly gloriously 4 letters SOAR
You’ve Got Mail company 3 letters AOL
Irk 4 letters MIFF
Call it a night for one 5 letters IDIOM
General Hospital actress Eddy 5 letters SONYA
Surprise win 5 letters UPSET
Hiker’s supports 5 letters POLES
Obtain 3 letters GET
Distinct period 3 letters ERA
Architect Maya 3 letters LIN


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