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Universal Crossword November 15 2022 Answers

Universal Crossword November 15 2022 Answers:

Like every prime number except two 3 letters ODD
Soaking session 4 letters BATH
Make money without working offer probably 4 letters SCAM
High-end Honda 5 letters ACURA
An A in geometry? 4 letters AREA
Heavy book 4 letters TOME
Alphas’ followers 5 letters BETAS
Section of seats 4 letters TIER
Train track piece 4 letters RAIL
Be inconsistent or what an HVAC unit can do 14 letters BLOWHOTANDCOLD
80s sitcom ET 3 letters ALF
Ripken Jr. of baseball 3 letters CAL
Lady lobster 3 letters HEN
Make dramatic changes or what a blender can do 13 letters SHAKETHINGSUP
Wiggle on the dance floor 6 letters SHIMMY
Cigar remnant 4 letters BUTT
___-la-la! (happy refrain) 3 letters TRA
Not for here 4 letters TOGO
Corn throwaway 3 letters COB
Places to rest your back 4 letters BEDS
Pokemon catcher Ketchum 3 letters ASH
Disney sci-fi film of 1982 4 letters TRON
Womb 6 letters UTERUS
Understand implicitly or what an answering machine can do 13 letters GETTHEMESSAGE
Like this face: 🙁 3 letters SAD
A rat! 3 letters EEK
___-Wan Kenobi 3 letters OBI
Coerce or what a drill can do 14 letters PUTTHESCREWSON
Baja resort city 4 letters CABO
Spinning shaft 4 letters AXLE
Anarchy in ___ (Sex Pistols song) 5 letters THEUK
On top of 4 letters OVER
FaceTime tablet 4 letters IPAD
Verbally clever 5 letters WITTY
Contract condition 4 letters TERM
Garment worn after a 4-Across 4 letters ROBE
Army missions for short 3 letters OPS
How an escapee tries to be 10 letters OUTOFSIGHT
Tie in chess 4 letters DRAW
Police car’s recorder 7 letters DASHCAM
Combat 6 letters BATTLE
Diva’s solo 4 letters ARIA
Many an ’80s kid in 2000 4 letters TEEN
Devastated 7 letters HARDHIT
Like weightlifters 6 letters STRONG
Snowman’s eye perhaps 4 letters COAL
In the center of 4 letters AMID
B or Brooks 3 letters MEL
Dancing Queen band 4 letters ABBA
Spreadsheet part 4 letters CELL
Like some chardonnays 4 letters OAKY
Penny 4 letters CENT
Dr.’s network 3 letters HMO
Butcher shop selection named for a letter 5 letters TBONE
Center of interest 3 letters HUB
Some speaker systems 10 letters STEREOSETS
Language spoken by many Indian Muslims 4 letters URDU
No bid in bridge 4 letters PASS
Male deer 4 letters STAG
Watering device 4 letters HOSE
End of Google’s URL 3 letters COM
Plead 3 letters BEG
Word said while pointing 4 letters THAT
Ariel’s wavy attribute 7 letters REDHAIR
One entering a password 4 letters USER
Director’s second try 7 letters TAKETWO
Lightning source for short 6 letters TSTORM
Get out of a union 6 letters SECEDE
Match in the ring 4 letters BOUT
Deep black 4 letters INKY
Cover with asphalt 4 letters PAVE
Mobile app? 4 letters UBER
Product showcase 4 letters EXPO
Chunk of concrete 4 letters SLAB
Beat to a froth 4 letters WHIP
Army bunk 3 letters COT


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