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USA Today Crossword November 15 2022 Answers

USA Today Crossword November 15 2022 Answers:

Wi-Fi device 5 letters MODEM
Santa ___ Is Comin’ to Town 5 letters CLAUS
V-sits work them 3 letters ABS
Luxury Honda brand 5 letters ACURA
River mouth landform 5 letters DELTA
Sugar snap vegetable 3 letters PEA
Lawful evil’s opposite on an alignment chart 11 letters CHAOTICGOOD
Skillet for example 3 letters PAN
In ___ times (long ago) 5 letters OLDEN
Pain Awareness Month (Abbr.) 3 letters SEP
Difficult 4 letters HARD
Norte sur ___ oeste 4 letters ESTE
Admired person 4 letters IDOL
Steph Curry and Chelsea Gray positionwise (Abbr.) 3 letters PGS
Type of cheddar 10 letters EXTRASHARP
Spoken word artist Theresa ___ S.O.N.G.B.I.R.D. 3 letters THA
College sports org. 4 letters NCAA
Opposite of global 5 letters LOCAL
Methods 4 letters WAYS
Some lab scientists 5 letters TECHS
Branch of Islam 4 letters SHIA
Let me repeat . . . 5 letters ISAID
Horse’s father 4 letters SIRE
B&B alternative 3 letters INN
The asterisk in the German word Freund*innen 10 letters GENDERSTAR
Red Dust Road author Jackie 3 letters KAY
Prefix for health or kinesis 4 letters TELE
Speaker type 4 letters HIFI
Condition discussed on the podcast Refocused 4 letters ADHD
By way of 3 letters VIA
Nieces’ moms 5 letters AUNTS
Coffee 3 letters JOE
Time’s up test-takers! 11 letters PENCILSDOWN
Cash dispenser 3 letters ATM
Consumed 5 letters EATEN
They in Spanish 5 letters ELLAS
Sure do! 3 letters YES
Shiny lip coating 5 letters GLOSS
The ___-to-Montgomery marches 5 letters SELMA
Love Me Lipstick brand 3 letters MAC
Uno dos cinco 4 letters OCHO
___ citizenship 4 letters DUAL
Wears away 6 letters ERODES
Chess game endings 5 letters MATES
Let’s Stop HIV Together org. 3 letters CDC
Grand pianos have three 4 letters LEGS
Sunburn soother 4 letters ALOE
Wakanda for example 6 letters UTOPIA
Downhearted 3 letters SAD
Region where bluegrass originated 10 letters APPALACHIA
Animal called mato in Lakota 4 letters BEAR
Beach grains 4 letters SAND
Very focused 6 letters INTENT
Hostess snack cakes 5 letters HOHOS
Surplus 6 letters EXCESS
Internet connection option 3 letters DSL
Stage of a 33-Down 5 letters PHASE
I’m Coming Out and Let It Go for two 10 letters GAYANTHEMS
Implicit 5 letters TACIT
Very enthusiastic 6 letters RAHRAH
Like weather in the Amazon 5 letters RAINY
Strategy 4 letters PLAN
Little branch 4 letters TWIG
Twenty-___ dice 5 letters SIDED
Story published in installments 6 letters SERIAL
Dover’s state (Abbr.) 3 letters DEL
The big ___ (moment when everything is made clear) 6 letters REVEAL
Ignite 6 letters KINDLE
Combines 5 letters FUSES
Bollywood icon Devgn 4 letters AJAY
___ on (shower with love) 4 letters DOTE
I’ll look ___ it 4 letters INTO
Best starting hand in Texas Hold ’em 4 letters ACES
Bridge fare 4 letters TOLL
Used a pool 4 letters SWAM
Square ___ in a round hole 3 letters PEG
Social connections 3 letters INS
Spy org. 3 letters NSA


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