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Universal Crossword November 21 2022 Answers

Universal Crossword November 21 2022 Answers:

Things under tired eyes 4 letters BAGS
Merchandise 5 letters GOODS
Church bench 3 letters PEW
Boxer’s enemy? 4 letters FLEA
Like some chemical bonds 5 letters IONIC
Seriously hot 4 letters SEXY
Sandwich that was dropped outside a deli? 10 letters FALLENHERO
Scheme 4 letters PLAN
It’s best after it’s cracked 3 letters EGG
Concert-opening cheer 8 letters LETSROCK
1990 accessibility law: Abbr. 3 letters ADA
Prefix for space 4 letters AERO
Fashion designer’s asset 5 letters TASTE
Major change sparked by a Florida sandwich? 15 letters CUBANREVOLUTION
Tattled 4 letters TOLD
Jean jacket’s fabric 5 letters DENIM
Tranquilize 6 letters SEDATE
Point-scoring throw from a QB 6 letters TDPASS
Guiding belief 5 letters CREDO
Word after ball or bath 4 letters ROOM
Specialty sandwich at Disney World? 15 letters MICKEYMOUSECLUB
MSG’s savory quality 5 letters UMAMI
Order in the court? 4 letters WRIT
Songwriter Rita 3 letters ORA
Nintendo game that involves shooting ink 8 letters SPLATOON
___ chi 3 letters TAI
Scorch 4 letters SEAR
Norms and traditions for fans of a long sandwich? 10 letters SUBCULTURE
Pare down as an article 4 letters EDIT
Ice cream serving 5 letters SCOOP
Have you ___ considered … 4 letters EVER
The in Quebec 3 letters LES
Absolutely! 5 letters OHYES
Papa’s partner perhaps 4 letters MAMA
Pal you may share many TikToks with informally 3 letters BFF
Pumpkin pie ___ mode 3 letters ALA
Type of manicure 3 letters GEL
BOGO event 4 letters SALE
Spice in a snap 6 letters GINGER
Sound before aah 3 letters OOH
Bob Marley anthem 7 letters ONELOVE
Not looking good at all 4 letters DIRE
Princess Merida in Brave nationality-wise 4 letters SCOT
Speaker of the House Nancy 6 letters PELOSI
Right on the nose in Spanish 6 letters EXACTO
Companion of Nod 6 letters WYNKEN
Jack who ate no fat 5 letters SPRAT
Novelist Jennifer 4 letters EGAN
What’s left when a tree falls 5 letters STUMP
Pretense 3 letters ACT
Groups such as Batman and Robin 4 letters DUOS
Willing and ___ 4 letters ABLE
Turn in as a coupon 6 letters REDEEM
Put two and three together e.g. 3 letters ADD
Traveling and playing gigs 6 letters ONTOUR
Tupperware topper 3 letters LID
Go crush that test! 5 letters ACEIT
Give it a shot 3 letters TRY
Circle segment 3 letters ARC
No longer in a band 4 letters SOLO
Like a lime 4 letters SOUR
Command to a curious canine 7 letters DOWNBOY
Degree of many a CEO 3 letters MBA
Mollusk in paella 6 letters MUSSEL
Hinder 6 letters IMPEDE
French city across from Dover 6 letters CALAIS
Disappearing discount chain 5 letters KMART
Ab exercises 6 letters SITUPS
And others: Abbr. 4 letters ETAL
___ buco 4 letters OSSO
Response to an insult 4 letters OUCH
Couple to a gossip columnist 4 letters ITEM
Runner Sebastian 3 letters COE
Charlottesville sch. 3 letters UVA
Dream state for short 3 letters REM
Victorian ___ 3 letters ERA

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