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USA Today Crossword November 21 2022 Answers

USA Today Crossword November 21 2022 Answers:

Rowboat propeller 3 letters OAR
___-bitty (very small) 4 letters ITTY
Up up and ___! 4 letters AWAY
Opposite of post- 3 letters PRE
Injured athlete’s regimen 5 letters REHAB
Unaccompanied 5 letters ALONE
NY member of The Squad in Congress for short 3 letters AOC
Sports stadium 5 letters ARENA
Gives for a bit 5 letters LENDS
Sewing social event 11 letters QUILTINGBEE
Release from ropes 5 letters UNTIE
Collection such as the one at the GLBT Historical Society 7 letters ARCHIVE
Paradise 4 letters EDEN
Surgery reminders 5 letters SCARS
Change for a five 4 letters ONES
Octet count 5 letters EIGHT
Top floor 5 letters ATTIC
Creator and star of Abbott Elementary 13 letters QUINTABRUNSON
Removes from office 5 letters OUSTS
Major artery 5 letters AORTA
Zaya ___ daughter of NBA star Dwyane 4 letters WADE
Name hidden in jewel tones 5 letters ELTON
Baby sheep 4 letters LAMB
Sushi side 7 letters EDAMAME
Run-of-the-mill 5 letters USUAL
Latin American white cheese dip 11 letters QUESOBLANCO
Diwali celebrant 5 letters HINDU
24-___ gold 5 letters KARAT
Play about Capote 3 letters TRU
High-end Honda 5 letters ACURA
Disdainful look 5 letters SNEER
Apple’s mobile platform 3 letters IOS
Refuse to admit 4 letters DENY
South Indian lentil pancake 4 letters DOSA
Suffix for Vietnam or legal 3 letters ESE
Not transparent 6 letters OPAQUE
In the area 6 letters AROUND
Quote from memory 6 letters RECITE
Extremely angry 5 letters IRATE
Desperate Housewives star Hatcher 4 letters TERI
Now’s partner 4 letters THEN
Yin’s partner 4 letters YANG
Pub drink 3 letters ALE
Took first place 3 letters WON
See 11-Down 3 letters AND
With 10-Down improv comedy rule of thumb 3 letters YES
Children’s book elephant 5 letters BABAR
Guinness of Star Wars 4 letters ALEC
Single part of a bill that might be vetoed 8 letters LINEITEM
Triage centers 3 letters ERS
Spicy taco topping 8 letters HOTSALSA
Excited about 4 letters INTO
Blood vessel 4 letters VEIN
Upper-left PC key 3 letters ESC
Rank above Cpl. 3 letters SGT
___-ching! 3 letters CHA
Facing the pitcher 5 letters ATBAT
Helpful connections 3 letters INS
Kitchen pest 3 letters ANT
Thigh muscle 4 letters QUAD
Food-inspecting org. 4 letters USDA
Kanga’s son in Winnie-the-Pooh 3 letters ROO
Big vase for Survivor votes 3 letters URN
Be indebted to 3 letters OWE
Outback bird 3 letters EMU
Scallionlike veggies 5 letters LEEKS
Family nickname 6 letters AUNTIE
Grams of protein or carbs counted by bodybuilders for example 6 letters MACROS
Loose-fitting top 6 letters BLOUSE
Greenish blue 4 letters AQUA
Extremely 5 letters ULTRA
Material used to make glass and silicon 4 letters SAND
Cookie whose Double Stuf variety is closer to 1.86-times Stu 4 letters OREO
Sweethearts 4 letters BAES
Owned 3 letters HAD
Curling surface 3 letters ICE
Guise for Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act 3 letters NUN
Parched 3 letters DRY

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