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Universal Crossword November 9 2022 Answers

Universal Crossword November 9 2022 Answers:

Chardonnay setting 7 letters WINEBAR
Body of water between Indonesian islands 7 letters JAVASEA
Expressing feeling 7 letters EMOTIVE
For the most part 7 letters OVERALL
1) Name an idiom meaning be overcrowded 15 letters BURSTATTHESEAMS
Fixes as a pet 5 letters SPAYS
Historic time 3 letters ERA
Just not done 5 letters TABOO
Vowel-shaped dress style 5 letters ALINE
2) Which arachnid is also called a harvestman? 13 letters DADDYLONGLEGS
Cook a lobster or two maybe 6 letters DINEIN
Blues and bluegrass for two 6 letters GENRES
Female reproductive organ 5 letters OVARY
Celtics game official 3 letters REF
Microscopic 5 letters TEENY
___ Field (home of the Mets) 4 letters CITI
Act just like 5 letters MIMIC
Club ___ (certain resorts) 4 letters MEDS
3) In the 1950s where did teens order malts? 13 letters SODAFOUNTAINS
Targeted 7 letters AIMEDAT
Rumor is … 7 letters SOMESAY
Bing bang or boom 5 letters NOISE
Yoga posture 5 letters ASANA
Company name abbr. 3 letters INC
Exam suggested by the first words of 17- 24- and 44-Across? 7 letters POPQUIZ
Bagel topper 3 letters LOX
Argentine aunt 3 letters TIA
Defeat and then some 7 letters TROUNCE
Enjoyed lobster Newburg 3 letters ATE
Feel lousy 3 letters AIL
It might be babbling 5 letters BROOK
Paris’ Pont ___ Arts 3 letters DES
Entanglements 4 letters WEBS
Possible answer to Are you still in bed? 4 letters IMUP
Name hidden in on or about 4 letters NORA
Personalized gift site 4 letters ETSY
___ and pieces 4 letters BITS
Filmmaker DuVernay 3 letters AVA
Pass along as gossip 6 letters RETELL
The J of J.S. Bach 6 letters JOHANN
Broad rd. 3 letters AVE
Sleeveless garment 4 letters VEST
Region 4 letters AREA
Former Swedish automaker 4 letters SAAB
Muppet who shares a name with a saint 4 letters ELMO
Not to mention … 4 letters ALSO
Donald Duck’s nephews for one 4 letters TRIO
Atlas Shrugged novelist Rand 3 letters AYN
35-Across output 3 letters EGG
Intermediate NCAA level 10 letters DIVISIONII
Like the head shoulders knees and toes 10 letters ANATOMICAL
Scoffs at 7 letters DERIDES
Craft kit inits. 3 letters DIY
___ sleeping dogs lie 3 letters LET
Foes 7 letters ENEMIES
Lettuce cucumber and kale dish e.g. 10 letters GREENSALAD
Contacts by email perhaps 10 letters SENDSANOTE
Elmer to Bugs 3 letters DOC
The S of CBS: Abbr. 3 letters SYS
Very funny person 4 letters RIOT
Outback runner 3 letters EMU
Fish propellers 4 letters FINS
Curator’s deg. maybe 3 letters MFA
Silicon Valley exec 3 letters CTO
Masterful 5 letters ADEPT
Leave dumbfounded 5 letters AMAZE
Professor Hill of Brandeis 5 letters ANITA
Vertical graph lines 5 letters YAXES
Sovereign sphere 3 letters ORB
___ favor (please in Spanish) 3 letters POR
Preserve the status ___ 3 letters QUO
Card game whose name is shouted 3 letters UNO
Disgusting! 3 letters ICK


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