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USA Today Crossword November 9 2022 Answers

USA Today Crossword November 9 2022 Answers:

Metaphor for romantic potential 6 letters SPARKS
Flavor enhancer 3 letters MSG
Gender-affirming treatment 3 letters HRT
Wide-ranging displays 6 letters ARRAYS
Long vehicle for short 4 letters LIMO
___ de parfum 3 letters EAU
Witch’s elixir 6 letters POTION
Arcane 8 letters ESOTERIC
Used up 5 letters SPENT
Run ___ (get out of hand) 4 letters AMOK
Part of an egg 4 letters YOLK
Sweet-and-sour vodka drink 5 letters COSMO
___ out a victory 3 letters EKE
Baby’s cry 4 letters MAMA
Play on words 3 letters PUN
Draw in the margins 6 letters DOODLE
Somewhat 4 letters ABIT
___ mater 4 letters ALMA
. . . sorry to say 5 letters IFEAR
Ladies 4 letters GALS
Bird food 5 letters SEEDS
Rating of some Adult Swim shows 4 letters TVMA
Religion of Rabia al-Adawiyya 5 letters ISLAM
Fox gait 4 letters TROT
___ Don’t Lie (Shakira song) 4 letters HIPS
Preppy pants 6 letters CHINOS
Your love is one ___ million it goes on and on and on . . . 3 letters INA
You’re something ___! 4 letters ELSE
Physician for short 3 letters DOC
Raat ki rani aka ___-blooming jasmine 5 letters NIGHT
Dull impact sound 4 letters THUD
Fixes the outcome of 4 letters RIGS
Breath fresheners 5 letters MINTS
Iolani Palace’s city 8 letters HONOLULU
Body of water in an atoll 6 letters LAGOON
Most ___ bachelor 8 letters ELIGIBLE
Tada! 6 letters PRESTO
Examine 6 letters ASSESS
Word before style or food 6 letters STREET
Mushy-gushy types 4 letters SAPS
A banana used as a phone for example 4 letters PROP
Museo Nacional de ___ Mexico City 4 letters ARTE
Absolutely pour 15 letters RAINCATSANDDOGS
City that’s an anagram of Tokyo 5 letters KYOTO
Nine-box field on a W-9 3 letters SSN
Paste made with koji 4 letters MISO
Prepared like baba ghanoush 6 letters SMOKED
You’ve ___ to be kidding! 3 letters GOT
Someone to look up to 4 letters HERO
Hand bar 4 letters RAIL
___ someone into bed 4 letters TUCK
Lime Chiffon’s friend in Strawberry Shortcake 13 letters LEMONMERINGUE
Rising up back on the street . . . song 13 letters EYEOFTHETIGER
Hamsa for example 6 letters AMULET
Employers of estheticians 4 letters SPAS
Ornamental fish 3 letters KOI
Word before wand or touch 5 letters MAGIC
Embarrass 5 letters ABASH
Rapper Flo ___ 5 letters MILLI
Angel’s foil 5 letters DEVIL
Diwali diyas for example 5 letters LAMPS
Use the pink end of a pencil 5 letters ERASE
Aphrodite’s mortal lover 6 letters ADONIS
Antlered deer 4 letters STAG
Calf’s cry 3 letters MOO
Nurse’s outfit 6 letters SCRUBS
Crying in ___ (Michelle Zauner memoir) 5 letters HMART
Meaning of the Arabic word al 3 letters THE
Hello in Spanish 4 letters HOLA
Team apparel for short 4 letters UNIS
Problems 4 letters ILLS
Body part to boop 4 letters NOSE
Canvas bag 4 letters TOTE
Tissue target 4 letters SNOT
Little white ___ 3 letters LIE
Vinyl records 3 letters LPS


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