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Universal – Jun 25 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
“4 realz?!” SRSLY
“Fer sure!” YOUBETCHA
“My goodness,” to a Minnesotan HOLYBUCKETS
“Prosit!” sayer’s mug STEIN
“Rome ___ built in a day” WASNT
“Teen” follower AGER
“Wicked!” KICKASS
“___ & Roy” (TV series set in Monsterdale) ESME
Alley-oop, e.g PASS
Bet with equal odds EVENMONEY
Block BAN
Bookkeeping records LEDGERS
Bordeaux red CLARET
Bumpy hoppers TOADS
Chip accompaniments that may contain cream cheese SALSADIPS
Cold cuts and such MEATS
Colorful flower part PETAL
Crown worn with a gown TIARA
Day to post a throwback picture: Abbr THU
Detection devices used by the Space Force SATELLITES
Disentangles from a mass of information TEASESOUT
Egg layer HEN
Faux pal? FRENEMY
Film with Joy and Sadness INSIDEOUT
First seeker of knowledge? EVE
French friend AMIE
Frosts ICES
Garage sale caveat ASIS
Get married WED
Hindu god of love KAMA
Hot singles? HITS
It means “mixed-spice tea” in Hindi MASALACHAI
Knight wear ARMOR
Like a wild animal FERAL
Makara or Kraken SEAMONSTER
Makes over RESTYLES
Many profs DRS
MBA course ECON
Mixes or fixes SOLUTIONS
Mom pulled in many directions? ELASTIGIRL
Muslim religious leaders IMAMS
Name seen in “Montpelier” ELIE
Negroni liquor GIN
Nike competitor ASICS
Oklahoma city where the yield sign was invented TULSA
Part of nonverbal communication, surprisingly TONE
Place for pen pals? STY
Radio shows featuring listener participation CALLINS
Ready to be served DONE
Regrets RUES
Remove from power OUST
Skipped to the end, say JUMPEDAHEAD
Squirrels’ food ACORNS
Stage a comeback RALLY
Stops marching HALTS
Sun, in Seville SOL
Sweeties BAES
They have wrenches for your plans TOOLSETS
They keep things fresh SEALS
Things left on the cutting-room floor? HAIRS
Ticks away ELAPSES
Vintage-inspired RETRO
Volleyball barrier NET
Was sore ACHED
Wrangler or Renegade JEEP
Yang’s balance YIN
Zaps, as an unwanted tattoo LASES
Zodiac crustacean CRAB
___-bitsy ITSY
___-Wan Kenobi OBI


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