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Universal – Nov 15 2022 Crossword Answers

Universal – Nov 15 2022

Clues Answers
“A rat!” EEK
“Anarchy in ___” (Sex Pistols song) THEUK
“Dancing Queen” band ABBA
“Make money without working” offer, probably SCAM
“No bid,” in bridge PASS
“___-la-la!” (happy refrain) TRA
’80s sitcom ET ALF
Alphas’ followers BETAS
An A in geometry? AREA
Ariel’s wavy attribute REDHAIR
Army bunk COT
Army missions, for short OPS
B or Brooks MEL
Baja resort city CABO
Be inconsistent, or what an HVAC unit can do BLOWHOTANDCOLD
Beat to a froth WHIP
Butcher shop selection named for a letter TBONE
Center of interest HUB
Chunk of concrete SLAB
Cigar remnant BUTT
Coerce, or what a drill can do PUTTHESCREWSON
Contract condition TERM
Corn throwaway COB
Cover with asphalt PAVE
Deep black INKY
Devastated HARDHIT
Director’s second try TAKETWO
Disney sci-fi film of 1982 TRON
Diva’s solo ARIA
Dr.’s network HMO
End of Google’s URL COM
FaceTime tablet IPAD
Garment worn after a 4-Across ROBE
Get out of a union SECEDE
Heavy book TOME
High-end Honda ACURA
How an escapee tries to be OUTOFSIGHT
Clues Answers
In the center of AMID
Lady lobster HEN
Language spoken by many Indian Muslims URDU
Lightning source, for short TSTORM
Like every prime number except two ODD
Like some chardonnays OAKY
Like this face: 🙁 SAD
Like weightlifters STRONG
Make dramatic changes, or what a blender can do SHAKETHINGSUP
Male deer STAG
Many an ’80s kid, in 2000 TEEN
Match in the ring BOUT
Mobile app? UBER
Not for here TOGO
On top of OVER
One entering a password USER
Penny CENT
Places to rest your back BEDS
Plead BEG
Pokemon catcher Ketchum ASH
Police car’s recorder DASHCAM
Product showcase EXPO
Ripken Jr. of baseball CAL
Section of seats TIER
Snowman’s eye, perhaps COAL
Soaking session BATH
Some speaker systems STEREOSETS
Spinning shaft AXLE
Spreadsheet part CELL
Tie, in chess DRAW
Train track piece RAIL
Understand implicitly, or what an answering machine can do GETTHEMESSAGE
Verbally clever WITTY
Watering device HOSE
Wiggle on the dance floor SHIMMY
Word said while pointing THAT
___-Wan Kenobi OBI


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