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USA Today Crossword January 19 2023 Answers

USA Today Crossword January 19 2023 Answers:

Dog’s foot 3 letters PAW
Track star Owens with four Olympic gold medals 5 letters JESSE
___ space (area designed to be discrimination- and harm-free) 4 letters SAFE
In the past 3 letters AGO
Say out loud 5 letters UTTER
Shoe with a wooden sole 4 letters CLOG
Help to show the way 4 letters LEAD
Descriptor for a very small budget 10 letters SHOESTRING
Truncates 8 letters SHORTENS
What a furnace provides 4 letters HEAT
___ the Champions (Queen song) 5 letters WEARE
Sweeties 4 letters BAES
People from Helsinki 5 letters FINNS
Toasted marshmallow color 5 letters BROWN
Side-by-side collaboration on social media 10 letters TIKTOKDUET
Give stars to 4 letters RATE
Black-and-white cookie 4 letters OREO
___ sure be nice if . . . 3 letters ITD
Town north of Oklahoma City 4 letters ENID
Cool! 4 letters NEAT
Food stalls that specialize in Mexican dishes 10 letters TACOSTANDS
Overly severe 5 letters HARSH
Any time from now until midnight 5 letters TODAY
Claim to be untrue 4 letters DENY
Tan hue 5 letters BEIGE
Small amphibian 4 letters NEWT
Completely on board 8 letters ALLFORIT
Identity on the ace spectrum 10 letters DEMISEXUAL
North Pole forecast 4 letters SNOW
Spanish for love 4 letters AMOR
My Brother Charlie author Holly Robinson ___ 5 letters PEETE
A pair of 3 letters TWO
Body part seen in an X-ray 4 letters BONE
Obnoxious people 5 letters ASSES
Uno in English 3 letters ONE
Buddy 3 letters PAL
Gets older 4 letters AGES
Mind. Blown. 4 letters WOAH
Do feel free to check in with me! 7 letters JUSTASK
Vanish into the ___ 5 letters ETHER
Leslie Feinberg novel written as a call to action for trans liberation 15 letters STONEBUTCHBLUES
Gets a look at 4 letters SEES
Some RNs’ workplaces 3 letters ERS
Apps for blind and visually impaired people 13 letters SCREENREADERS
Assumed name 5 letters ALIAS
Typesetting choice 4 letters FONT
Monistat insert shape 3 letters EGG
Not decided until the last moment 13 letters DOWNTOTHEWIRE
Defrost 4 letters THAW
City near Lake Tahoe 4 letters RENO
Automated web software 3 letters BOT
What a dragon breathes 4 letters FIRE
Swedish furniture store 4 letters IKEA
Second attempt 4 letters REDO
2000-pound unit 3 letters TON
Days in Spanish 4 letters DIAS
Palindromic name 4 letters ANNA
Well-organized 4 letters TIDY
Op-___ (opinion columns) 3 letters EDS
Give it a go! 3 letters TRY
Holds back like a laugh 7 letters STIFLES
Not for here 4 letters TOGO
___ on a log (crunchy snack) 4 letters ANTS
Word after inner or speed 5 letters DEMON
Fill with joy 5 letters ELATE
Finding ___ (2003 Pixar film) 4 letters NEMO
Woodcutting tools 4 letters AXES
___ the Unknown (Frozen 2 song) 4 letters INTO
City’s smaller relative 4 letters TOWN
Bit of BB cream 3 letters DAB
Water efficiency org. 3 letters EPA
Misfortune 3 letters WOE


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