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USA Today Crossword November 11 2022 Solutions

USA Today Crossword November 11 2022 Answers:

Remarks meant for the audience 6 letters ASIDES
2022 WNBA champs 4 letters ACES
W-2 org. 3 letters IRS
Plantain relative 6 letters BANANA
Layer of paint 4 letters COAT
Dove’s call 3 letters COO
I guess that should suffice 6 letters ITLLDO
Sub sandwich 4 letters HERO
Slippery ___ bark 3 letters ELM
Use a touch-tone keypad 4 letters DIAL
Foam accessory for aquatic exercises 10 letters POOLNOODLE
One-named Celtic singer 4 letters ENYA
Without further ___ . . . 3 letters ADO
Genetic material 3 letters DNA
Tater 4 letters SPUD
Quechua speaker of old 4 letters INCA
Fireplace residue 3 letters ASH
Hightail it 4 letters FLEE
Outspoken 5 letters VOCAL
Relief for borrowers 15 letters LOANFORGIVENESS
Shift strategies 5 letters PIVOT
This ___ on me! 4 letters ONES
Greek letter that sounds like 63-Down 3 letters RHO
Big amount 4 letters SLEW
Roti flour 4 letters ATTA
Travel With Someone You Trust org. 3 letters AAA
Have debts 3 letters OWE
Maple tree liquids 4 letters SAPS
Event that might have a diaper raffle 10 letters BABYSHOWER
Clothing ___ (eco-friendly event) 4 letters SWAP
It’s the end of an ___! 3 letters ERA
Oven used for pottery 4 letters KILN
Stage and screen star DeBose 6 letters ARIANA
Nonkosher fish 3 letters EEL
Margin 4 letters EDGE
More likely to pry 6 letters NOSIER
Good Judy for example 3 letters PAL
Suffix for street or sports 4 letters WEAR
Find a resolution for 6 letters SETTLE
Put up with 5 letters ABIDE
Smooth glossy fabric 5 letters SATIN
Embedded decoration 5 letters INLAY
Texas city home to Deep Ellum 6 letters DALLAS
Means to an ___ 3 letters END
Brazilian city home to Vila Madalena 8 letters SAOPAULO
Sneeze sound 5 letters ACHOO
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever actress Michaela 4 letters COEL
Come to deserve 4 letters EARN
Remained in effect 5 letters STOOD
Skater such as Gabriella Papadakis or Guillaume Cizeron 9 letters ICEDANCER
Sushi shape 4 letters ROLL
___ assembly required 4 letters SOME
More out-there 5 letters ODDER
Fajitas veggie 5 letters ONION
Oh please! 4 letters PFFT
Gift inside a birthday card 4 letters CASH
Another thing . . . 4 letters ALSO
Swiss mountains 4 letters ALPS
Garden center bagful 4 letters SOIL
Really enjoy yourself 9 letters HAVEABALL
Sense of self-importance 3 letters EGO
Part of a three-piece suit 4 letters VEST
I don’t believe it! 5 letters NOWAY
Totally astounded 5 letters INAWE
Seasoned pros 8 letters VETERANS
Pass that leads to a score 6 letters ASSIST
Out of alignment 5 letters ASKEW
Deed holder 5 letters OWNER
Anticipate 5 letters AWAIT
DragCon event with a moderator 5 letters PANEL
/ in bowling 5 letters SPARE
Voicemail sound 4 letters BEEP
Vicinity 4 letters AREA
Stash somewhere secret 4 letters HIDE
Flights novelist Tokarczuk 4 letters OLGA
Sushi topping 3 letters ROE


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