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USA Today Crossword November 16 2022 Answers

USA Today Crossword November 16 2022 Answers:

___ Mahal 3 letters TAJ
Brokers’ charges 4 letters FEES
Cribbage pieces 4 letters PEGS
Sharpen like an appetite 4 letters WHET
Folk tales and such 4 letters LORE
Vultures circling for example 4 letters OMEN
Vow 4 letters OATH
Video game hedgehog 5 letters SONIC
Rosanna band 4 letters TOTO
Parents’ sisters 5 letters AUNTS
Dana Simpson for Phoebe and Her Unicorn 7 letters CREATOR
Cows’ milk organs 6 letters UDDERS
To an ___ (somewhat) 6 letters EXTENT
Don’t lump me in with you 6 letters WHOSWE
Outdoor dining areas 6 letters PATIOS
Not just my or your 3 letters OUR
Unconnected 8 letters SEPARATE
I’m having so much fun!!! 4 letters WHEE
Recorded on VHS 5 letters TAPED
Like saying I told you so 4 letters SMUG
The Warriors and the Lakers for example 8 letters NBATEAMS
When a plane is due in for short 3 letters ETA
File holder 6 letters FOLDER
Upper part of a shoe 6 letters INSTEP
Got a point 6 letters SCORED
Enticing scents 6 letters AROMAS
Speaks very quietly 7 letters MURMURS
Made a sound like a kitten 5 letters MEWED
Toronto CFL player for short 4 letters ARGO
Keen 5 letters EAGER
Actress Parrilla 4 letters LANA
In ___ of (rather than) 4 letters LIEU
Brown ___ (India.Arie song) 4 letters SKIN
g2g! response 4 letters TTYL
Response to Shall we? 4 letters LETS
Mail out 4 letters SEND
Highest card in poker 3 letters ACE
Lowest card in poker 3 letters TWO
I’ve got it! 3 letters AHA
Fond French phrase 8 letters JETADORE
Dental ___ 5 letters FLOSS
Long stretch of time 3 letters EON
Sex Education character Effiong 4 letters ERIC
Person who might buy gifts off of someone’s wishlist without taking credit for it 13 letters SECRETADMIRER
Aloo gobi ingredients 8 letters POTATOES
Shows feelings 6 letters EMOTES
Board like a train 5 letters GETON
Laugh through the nose 5 letters SNORT
Sounds from kick drums 5 letters THUDS
Info for a delivery driver 13 letters STREETADDRESS
Did you hear the ___? 4 letters NEWS
Way out 4 letters EXIT
Not true! 4 letters UHUH
That’s incredible! 3 letters WOW
Origami necessity 5 letters PAPER
Word after surface or gray 4 letters AREA
Banh mi spread 4 letters PATE
Huge 8 letters ENORMOUS
File information such as author and size 8 letters METADATA
Utah Natives 4 letters UTES
Bridging the ___ 3 letters GAP
Sacre ___! 4 letters BLEU
Winter precipitation 4 letters SNOW
Draw a blank 6 letters FORGET
Had an odour 5 letters SMELT
Tiny 5 letters SMALL
Physicist Marie 5 letters CURIE
Change for the better 5 letters AMEND
For goodness’ ___! 4 letters SAKE
Martini component 3 letters GIN
The Bronx’s city for short 3 letters NYC
Pale ___ (rhyming drink) 3 letters ALE


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