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USA Today Crossword November 17 2022 Answers

USA Today Crossword November 17 2022 Answers:

Goo from a tree 3 letters SAP
Comedian and writer Adejuyigbe 4 letters DEMI
Buttery caramel candy 6 letters TOFFEE
2022 US Open champ Swiatek 3 letters IGA
Direct-selling cosmetics brand 4 letters AVON
All four parts of EGOT 6 letters AWARDS
Goof up 3 letters ERR
Near-ish in a hiding game 4 letters WARM
Make back as losses 6 letters RECOUP
Better than the rest 12 letters SECONDTONONE
Adolescent 4 letters TEEN
Take a nosedive 5 letters EATIT
Bajillions 4 letters TONS
Actor’s improvisation 5 letters ADLIB
Illegally fix 3 letters RIG
Brings on to the team 5 letters HIRES
Yes in France 3 letters OUI
Gimme a frickin’ break! 8 letters OHCOMEON
Head-to-head dispute 13 letters CONFRONTATION
Intent 3 letters AIM
Annual vaccine target 3 letters FLU
___ Dew Baja Blast 3 letters MTN
Tropical fruit in some chutney 5 letters MANGO
Old piece of cloth 3 letters RAG
Plant used to make tequila 5 letters AGAVE
Over he-e-ere! 6 letters YOOHOO
Hardwood used in boatmaking 4 letters TEAK
Title for Lancelot and Mix-a-Lot 3 letters SIR
Rainy period in Asia 13 letters MONSOONSEASON
Has 4 letters OWNS
Gin and tonic garnishes 5 letters LIMES
Board game regulation 4 letters RULE
Ube or beet for example 4 letters ROOT
Martini garnish 5 letters OLIVE
Colorful eye part 4 letters IRIS
Precious stones 4 letters GEMS
Sing ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub maybe 4 letters SCAT
Bumper ding 4 letters DENT
Afternoon nap 6 letters SIESTA
You said it 6 letters AGREED
Mailed package 6 letters PARCEL
Start of a new day or era 4 letters DAWN
Give the runaround 5 letters EVADE
Pestle’s partner 6 letters MORTAR
Underway like a plan 8 letters INMOTION
Deck of cards with The Tower 5 letters TAROT
___ Hurcum the world’s first openly nonbinary mayor 4 letters OWEN
Videochatting via iPhone 10 letters FACETIMING
To and ___ 3 letters FRO
End of a student’s email address 3 letters EDU
Sixth sense for short 3 letters ESP
Walla Walla veggie 5 letters ONION
Period after sunset 5 letters NIGHT
Cookie that’s filled with Stuf 4 letters OREO
Glowing gas 4 letters NEON
IRS tax ID no. 3 letters SSN
Nincompoop 7 letters BUFFOON
Shallow attention-seeking reaction 7 letters HOTTAKE
Offline for short 3 letters IRL
Word after web or dash 3 letters CAM
Ta-ta dahling! 4 letters CIAO
Onomatopoeic sound of munching like Cookie Monster makes 8 letters OMNOMNOM
March for ___ Lives 3 letters OUR
Comedian Sedaris 3 letters AMY
Pac-Man’s enemies 6 letters GHOSTS
___ FireBall (spicy candy) 6 letters ATOMIC
Swiss city or lake 6 letters GENEVA
Guarantee 6 letters ASSURE
String instrument smaller than a cello 6 letters VIOLIN
Jim Varney role 6 letters ERNEST
Norway’s capital 4 letters OSLO
Valuable trait 5 letters ASSET
Most Van Gogh paintings 4 letters OILS
Dry as a desert 4 letters ARID
www.change.___ 3 letters ORG
Misery 3 letters WOE

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