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USA Today – Jun 23 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’ actress Cuthbert ELISHA
‘Help! We’ve sprung a leak!’ SOS
‘It’s for ___ best’ THE
‘It’s not looking good for me’ IMAGONER
‘La ___ en Mango Street’ (Cisneros novel) CASA
‘Sad Keanu,’ for one MEME
‘So lovely to meet you’ CHARMEDIMSURE
‘Sure’ OKAY
‘The Crown’ actress Staunton IMELDA
‘The Woman King’ actor John BOYEGA
*Wipes brow* WHEW
Approx EST
Big hunks SLABS
Bird with barn and barred varieties OWL
Black bird CROW
Canberra currency DOLLAR
Carne ___ ASADA
Chip often topped with cotija NACHO
City home to the Viking Ship Museum OSLO
Consider to be DEEM
Cook, like Peking duck ROAST
Custom crafts site ETSY
Dance with dips TANGO
Fall meal with found family FRIENDSGIVING
Feels yucky AILS
Fess up to ADMIT
Flashes of lightning BOLTS
Gentle toss LOB
Gives a new title to RENAMES
Indian state known for its tea ASSAM
Junior officer’s refusal NOSIR
Language at Gallaudet ASL
Less wet DRIER
Like a bug in a rug SNUG
Like some bases and hearts STOLEN
Location for some cabanas SEASIDE
Muesli grain OAT
No. on a Medicare app SSN
Note that allows you to go to your locker during class HALLPASS
One A Day product VITAMIN
Opposite of ‘in real life’ ONLINE
Ostrich relative EMU
Photographer and activist Goldin NAN
Possible response to ‘Who wants to solve a crossword with me?’ IDO
Rank smell ODOR
Really serious DIRE
Revered community member ELDER
River beginning at Lake Victoria NILE
Sephora competitor ULTA
Skillfully ABLY
Smash songs HITS
Smokey Robinson’s genre MOTOWN
Some fall birthdays LIBRAS
Some promo CDs DEMOS
Some savings plans IRAS
Space Race country USSR
SpongeBob wears a red one TIE
Stegosaurus or triceratops, for short DINO
Submerge IMMERSE
Sudan’s neighbor CHAD
Synonym for the first word in this puzzle’s title ACME
TV chef with the catchphrase ‘Bam!’ EMERIL
Uni grad ALUM
Vibrantly colored, like ’80s spandex NEON
Winter wonderland powder SNOW
__ Feliz (L.A. neighborhood) LOS
___ buddies (close friends) BOSOM
___ classic CULT
___ coat (P.I.’s garment) TRENCH
___ Dhabi ABU
___ Punk (electronic music duo) DAFT
___Trip (convenience store chain) QUIK


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