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USA Today – Nov 17 2022 Crossword Answers

USA Today – Nov 17 2022 Crossword Solutions

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‘Gimme a frickin’ break!’ OHCOMEON
‘Near-ish,’ in a hiding game WARM
‘Over he-e-ere!’ YOOHOO
‘Ta-ta, dahling!’ CIAO
‘Yes,’ in France OUI
‘You said it’ AGREED
2022 US Open champ Swiatek IGA
Actor’s improvisation ADLIB
Adolescent TEEN
Afternoon nap SIESTA
All four parts of EGOT AWARDS
Annual vaccine target FLU
Bajillions TONS
Better than the rest SECONDTONONE
Board game regulation RULE
Brings on to the team HIRES
Bumper ding DENT
Buttery caramel candy TOFFEE
Colorful eye part IRIS
Comedian and writer Adejuyigbe DEMI
Comedian Sedaris AMY
Cookie that’s filled with ‘Stuf’ OREO
Deck of cards with The Tower TAROT
Direct-selling cosmetics brand AVON
Dry as a desert ARID
End of a student’s email address EDU
Gin and tonic garnishes LIMES
Give the runaround EVADE
Glowing gas NEON
Goo from a tree SAP
Goof up ERR
Guarantee ASSURE
Hardwood used in boatmaking TEAK
Head-to-head dispute CONFRONTATION
Illegally fix RIG
Intent AIM
IRS tax ID no SSN
Jim Varney role ERNEST
Mailed package PARCEL
Make back, as losses RECOUP
March for ___ Lives OUR
Martini garnish OLIVE
Misery WOE
Most Van Gogh paintings OILS
Nincompoop BUFFOON
Norway’s capital OSLO
Offline, for short IRL
Old piece of cloth RAG
Onomatopoeic sound of munching, like Cookie Monster makes OMNOMNOM
Pac-Man’s enemies GHOSTS
Period after sunset NIGHT
Pestle’s partner MORTAR
Plant used to make tequila AGAVE
Precious stones GEMS
Rainy period in Asia MONSOONSEASON
Shallow, attention-seeking reaction HOTTAKE
Sing ‘ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub,’ maybe SCAT
Sixth sense, for short ESP
Start of a new day or era DAWN
String instrument smaller than a cello VIOLIN
Swiss city or lake GENEVA
Take a nosedive EATIT
Title for Lancelot and Mix-a-Lot SIR
To and ___ FRO
Tropical fruit in some chutney MANGO
Ube or beet, for example ROOT
Underway, like a plan INMOTION
Valuable trait ASSET
Videochatting via iPhone FACETIMING
Walla Walla veggie ONION
Word after ‘web’ or ‘dash’ CAM
www.change.___ ORG
___ Dew Baja Blast MTN
___ FireBall (spicy candy) ATOMIC
___ Hurcum, the world’s first openly nonbinary mayor OWEN

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