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Code Letter Crossword March 31, 2023

Crossword: by S.N.


“Sorry” ALAS
Not a short-term tiff FEUD
First of all ADAM
Stuff in soups DILL
Mindful of ONTO
Group of merchandise LINE
Rounds to load AMMO
No humanitarian MEAN
Clamor TODO
Start of a quote PEOPLEWHOTHROW
Sand shade TAN
Nation’s extremely ENS
Outlandishly TOO
Suite parts, for short RMS
Small sale of stock ODDLOT
Secretarial stat. WPM
Coffee descriptor DRIP
Harvest from a forest RESIN
Monomaniacal mariner AHAB
Like false fruit WAXY
Middle of quote KISSESARE
Best New American Play award OBIE
K-12 supporters PTAS
Aquatic life ALGAE
What powers “Star Wars” cannons IONS
Sound asleep OUT
Bad weather, briefly TSTORM
U of T library letters LBJ
Figurative keeper of secrets LID
Start using TAP
Whom Danny has written the most scores for TIM
Let pass OKED
Victoria’s deific equivalent NIKE
Where Aldous Huxley taught Orwell ETON
Mulch material PEAT
French or Spanish 101 word TRES
Long ago predator DINO
What Torontonians fill their tanks with ESSO
Peripheral SIDE
Very little ATAD


Electrical accessory ADAPTOR
Fruity refresher LIMEADE
Source for vegan milk ALMONDS
Overflow, with “over” SLOP
Showbiz gossip show ENEWS
Cartographic hexagon UTAH
Road warning DONOTPASS
Granting that, for short ALTHO
Rodeo Drive retailer DIOR
Toucher of France and Spain ANDORRA
Smucker pet food brand MEOWMIX
TV president of the recent past LEONI
Slalom gold medalist at Calgary TOMBA
__-fi (literary genre) SPY
Facebook accumulation LIKES
“America the Beautiful” crop WHEAT
Was housed DWELT
School stars ASTUDENTS
Rough-sounding RASPY
Contents of some cans OIL
Source of quote BOBHOPE
Not everyone gets them INJOKES
Started something GOTATIT
Last of the contiguous 48 ARIZONA
Any of 112 for “The Sopranos” EMMYNOD
New Journalism writer TALESE
Brought on LEDTO
Sounded disdainful TSKED
Minestrone morsels PEAS
Computer voice in “The Lego Batman Movie” SIRI
Mother of the Gemini LEDA


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