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Crossword Champ Pro November 6 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro November 6 2022 Answers:

___-wee Herman PEE
Coppers in Coventry PENCE
Study of insects ENTOMOLOGY
River of Hesse EDER
This in Tijuana ESTA
Corn unit EAR
Biz loan giver SBA
Tincture TINT
Ancient Greek state ATTICA
Muscle car roof option TTOP
Wayne’s World costar of Mike and Dana TIA
Foofaraws TODOS
Do not take — empty stomach ONAN
Snowman prop PIPE
Ignore Polonius’s advice LEND
Bringing up the rear LAST
Slightly ABIT
Column style IONIC
Community bldg CTR
Kitty contribution ANTE
Rave’s partner RANT
What labels must do with pop culture ADAPT
Obvious contempt SCORN
Big Apple inits NYC
Nervous twitch TIC
Adorable CUTE
Unique individual ONER
President pro ___ TEM
Sure thing’ YEP
One in Bonn EIN
Appealed earnestly PLED
Shares CUTS
Virgin Is eg TERR
Go back and forth OSCILLATE
Knock for a loop STUN
Intense beam LASER
Valmont actress Tilly MEG
Manage skillfully MANIPULATE
Substitute for unmentioned people ETAL
Guys’ dates GALS
Soda fountain treat MALT
Year in the reign of Edward I MCCC
Venezuelian copper center AROA
School org NEA
Misprint ERRATA
Crucifixion of St Peter painter RENI
Disease of infants and young children CROUP
Horse’s motion PACE
RAF award DSO
Baseball’s Mel and family OTTS
Kidney-related RENAL
French brandy COGNAC
Nebr neighbor COLO
Aliens for short ETS
Federal retirement org SSA
Guitarist Lofgren NILS
Florida coastal feature CAY
Reversals UTURNS
With it once HEP
Go weak in the knees MELT
Armani’s headquarters MILAN
College frat SAE
Good economic indicators UPS
Like skin PORED
Benchmarks: Abbr STDS
Pre-coll years ELHI
That in Toledo ESA
Lifetime Achievement Grammy winner Horne LENA
Bonnets HATS
Father or Lady lead-in OUR
Mideast money RIAL
Wrong Way Corrigan was one PILOT
Sarcastic Sure you can! IBET
Furry pinnipeds SEALS
___-mo SLO
Big name in hotels RITZ
Carry-on inspector in brief TSA
Nuke ZAP
Shakespeare the ___ of Avon BARD
Late conductor Dorati ANTAL
US space agency NASA
Quebec seasons ETES
It comes ___ surprise ASNO
Physical reprimand SLAP
Newsman ___ Koppel TED


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